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Archive for June 2015

Use JAN-PRO’s Commercial Post-Move Cleaning Services for Moving Season

  Spring has sprung and with summer on the way, that means moving season is here as well. Moving a home can be stressful enough, but when you consider moving your entire business, that’s another set of responsibilities altogether. Don’t stress yourself or your employees out with mundane cleaning tasks –– hire the post-move commercial…

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Worry-free Special Event Cleaning Services

  When you’re an event planner in charge of a large special event, you have a lot of things to worry about: location, weather (if it’s outdoors), transportation, safety, seating, food, music –– the list goes on and on. Now you can mark one of the biggest, and sometimes overlooked or forgotten, tasks off of…

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Is Carpet Cleaning on Your Spring Cleaning List?

  Offices, schools and other commercial buildings can seem endless to dust, vacuum, scrub and disinfect, with lots of ledges, desks, counters and bathrooms. There’s one big task, however, that many don’t realize can have a drastic effect on their space –– carpet cleaning.    As something that is under our feet, carpets can be…

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