Why Go With a Jan-Pro of Raleigh Franchisee?

When it comes down to it, there are really only three basic options to choose from when selecting a cleaning company in the Raleigh, NC area to clean your facility:

Option 1) The Hourly-Based Mega Cleaning Company

The benefits associated with a giant, hourly-employee based cleaning company do not seem to extend past the fact that there is a uniform training regimen, and the fact that there should not be any gaps in service if someone is sick or can’t make it to clean that night.

Beyond this, large Raleigh cleaning companies that have one central hub where hundreds of hourly workers clock in before heading out to hundreds of accounts often lack the personal touch associated with the next two models. Under this model, there is one owner responsible for ensuring the quality within each of his or her 1000+ accounts. That said, there are simply not enough hours in a day (or even one year) for one person to effectively manage the details of that many clients.

Option 2) The Mom-and-Pop Cleaning Company

While not a bad option, the mom-and-pop cleaning option does have its drawbacks. These drawbacks are often evident when it comes to cleaning equipment and training. Yes, you will probably develop a relationship with the owner, and probably know him or her by name. But will you know their chemicals and equipment by name? You probably will, as a matter of fact! More often than not, the mom-and-pop cleaning company is using the same of brand of cleaning chemicals and equipment that you yourself use at home rather than the professional-grade cleaning chemicals and equipment needed to clean your professional facility.

Option 3) The Franchised Cleaning Company

The franchised cleaning model takes the best aspects from the previously described models and leaves behind the negative side effects. Franchised cleaning is the best of both worlds. Like an independent mom-and-pop cleaning company, the Jan-Pro Franchisee owns and operates his or her own business. Like a mom-and-pop cleaning company, you will know your Jan-Pro Franchisee by name. A Jan-Pro of Raleigh franchise cleaning company has a vested interest in ensuring the quality of his or her work. Unlike a mom-and-pop operation, a Jan-Pro Franchisee is endowed with a proven business model, professional-grade chemicals and equipment, classroom training, and the 24-hour support of the Jan-Pro administrative staff.

In addition to the support of the Jan-Pro of Raleigh office, each Jan-Pro Franchisee networks within a larger community of fellow Jan-Pro Franchisees. In the event of an emergency, a Jan-Pro Franchisee can quickly call upon the support of this network. Like a mega cleaning company, Jan-Pro Franchisees can provide their clients the assurance that there will not be gaps in service. Unlike the hourly-based mega cleaning company, the Jan-Pro of Raleigh administrative office has no punch clock. The sole mission of the Jan-Pro administrative office is to support and grow the owners within each of the communities they serve throughout central and eastern North Carolina.

Jan-Pro serves Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas throughout the state with award-winning commercial cleaning franchise services, with locations in Durham, Cary, Greenville, Fayetteville, Apex, Wake Forest and beyond.