Is Carpet Cleaning on Your Spring Cleaning List?

cleaning carpet in Raleigh, NC


Offices, schools and other commercial buildings can seem endless to dust, vacuum, scrub and disinfect, with lots of ledges, desks, counters and bathrooms. There’s one big task, however, that many don’t realize can have a drastic effect on their space –– carpet cleaning.

 As something that is under our feet, carpets can be magnets for dirt, dust, pollen and general grit, attracting stains and more. Nothing is more unattractive than a worn or stained carpet –– something about it automatically suggests that your facility isn’t clean, even if it is. But you don’t have to run out, purchase a heavy-duty carpet cleaner and attempt to clean thousands of square feet by yourself. Knock those stubborn spots and added dirt out today by hiring the  Raleigh, NC professional carpet and green cleaning experts at JAN-PRO.

JAN-PRO takes pride in using as many eco-friendly cleaning products as possible, cutting down on potentially harmful chemicals that you and your employees or customers could inhale long after our crews are gone. Our commercial cleaners are capable of handling just about any carpet cleaning request, including for the following types of buildings in Raleigh:



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If your carpets look great, or if you have mainly hard floor surfaces, the Raleigh cleaning professionals at JAN-PRO can help there as well. Our cleaning crews are well-versed in tile and floor refinishing, paying specific attention to detailed areas, such as tile grout or around the walls. Our floor refinishing experts are available to care for tile, slate, linoleum, granite, stone and more.

When you’re ready to freshen up your carpeted or bare floors to usher in the spring, there is no better cleaning solution than the green cleaning team at JAN-PRO. Call our Raleigh commercial cleaners today at 919-460-1777 or visit our contact page to receive an instant online quote for our services.