JAN-PRO: Combatting Pollen in Your Raleigh, NC Office

Woman with allergies in an office in Raleigh, NC


May is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that pollen has stopped being an issue. If you are noticing that your commercial building has been overrun by pollen, which is irritating your employees and guests, it is time to call in the experts at JAN-PRO.

With years of experience in the office cleaning industry, we know how to get rid of pollen and other spring allergens that are causing you and your employees to cough, sneeze or deal with itchy, watery eyes. Not only can our team of Raleigh commercial cleaners thoroughly clean all of your building’s carpets and floors, but we can also improve the air quality in your business, which means no more breathing in pollen and other spring allergens!


Why Choose JAN-PRO for Your Raleigh Commercial Cleaning Needs?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when you decide to work with JAN-PRO to help combat the pollen in your office:


  • Green products. At JAN-PRO, protecting the environment is important to us, which is why we offer a certified green program when cleaning offices around Raleigh.

  • Highly trained team members. By putting all of our team members through rigorous background checks and five weeks of training, we can ensure that our commercial cleaners will get the job done right.

  • Security. Any one of our team members who enters your property will wear a uniform and prominently displayed I/D badge.

  • Fight cross contamination. By using color-coded micro cloths and flat mops, we can prevent any cross contamination of germs from occurring.


If you are tired of sneezing and sniffling inside your office building due to the pollen outside, call JAN-PRO. Our Raleigh office cleaning professionals would be happy to visit your business and clear it of any allergens.