Green Cleaning


These days most businesses have a heightened awareness of the need to be better stewards of our environment, and our planet. Unfortunately for many, these environmental concerns do not ever receive the kind of real attention they need. In commercial cleaning for example, it is very easy to add on token green initiatives that do not add any real value. At JAN-PRO however, our green commitment runs much deeper. In fact, green initiatives and best practices are central to our cleaning services in these important ways.

We’re Greener in Our Processes

JAN-PRO offers unique branded processes like JP Signature
Clean®, JP Technics®, and JP Tracker® that all make measuring
our green impact a defined process.

We’re Greener in the Air

JAN-PRO crews exclusively use high
efficiency vacuum cleaners that are
certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute
for soil removal, dust containment and
fiber retention. Our back pack vacuums
use a four part filtration system that
filters 99.9% of particles to the size of
one micron.

We’re Greener from the Floor Up

JAN-PRO’s exclusive use of microfiber flat mops offer
maximum floor cleaning efficiency by using less water and less
chemicals. Unlike old fashioned string mops, our microfiber
mops limit the spread of water and reduce contamination and
drying time.

We’re Greener and Cleaner

All JAN-PRO cleaning products
are carefully selected based
on their environmental impact.
All our cleaning products are
butyl free and low in VOCs. Our disinfectants are all hospital
strength for broad spectrum killing power. And because
they are highly effective, we can use less of them in every

If the JAN-PRO commitment to green sounds right for your environment please contact us today for more information or to receive a free quote!