Use JAN-PRO’s Commercial Post-Move Cleaning Services for Moving Season

Stack of moving boxes in Raleigh, NC


Spring has sprung and with summer on the way, that means moving season is here as well. Moving a home can be stressful enough, but when you consider moving your entire business, that’s another set of responsibilities altogether. Don’t stress yourself or your employees out with mundane cleaning tasks –– hire the post-move commercial cleaning services at JAN-PRO to take over everything else once you’ve moved your desks, electronics and appliances.


Our Raleigh, NC office cleaning crews are well-versed in a variety of cleaning techniques and green cleaning product usage, taking care to leave no surface, carpet or floor untreated when you move out of your current facilities. We also take care to utilize green cleaning products for every cleaning request, taking pride in our environmentally friendly efforts.


JAN-PRO scrubs offices, medical facilities, banks, churches, schools and more down with cleaning agents that do not contain butyl, and are recognized as hospital-grade disinfectants. We also use microfiber flat mops that substantially cut down on our water usage, and reduce the amount of dirt and contamination that traditional mops spread through excess water. JAN-PRO’s Raleigh cleaning services also include the use of vacuums that suck up 99.9% of errant materials from your carpet with a four-part filtration system.


Extensive Cleaning Services for Raleigh, NC Offices from JAN-PRO


If you aren’t moving your office, but are looking for cleaning services, we’d be happy to help you there as well. JAN-PRO excels at cleaning property management and commercial office facilities, and even offers night office cleaning services for minimal employee disruption.


Call JAN-PRO’s Raleigh cleaning office today at 919-460-1777 or fill out our form via our contact page to receive an instant free online quote for our post-move cleaning offerings.