(Pre)School’s Out for the Summer –– Now It’s Time to Clean

empty pre-school room


Our Raleigh, NC preschool and kindergarten teachers already provide a lot to the community by guiding and teaching our youngest school-age children. From art projects to ABC’s and colors, our teachers are kept busy ensuring every child is retaining the information needed to advance to elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond. The last thing a teacher should have to worry about at the end of the school year is cleaning.

Kids can excel at a lot of things like drawing, sports, music and making a big mess. Once the glitter, glue sticks and markers are cleaned up, they can still leave things behind. Don’t stress out the teacher who has worked hard toward their summer break –– hire the professional school cleaning services at JAN-PRO.


Our Raleigh commercial cleaners can overcome just about any mess, treating carpets, floors and more with green cleaning supplies. JAN-PRO’s industrial cleaners will treat the following places in preschools, kindergartens and schools in Raleigh:


  • Restrooms. Often ground zero for germs, our cleaners will disinfect all bathroom surfaces from the counters and fixtures to the stall walls and push plates with hospital-grade cleaners.

  • Carpets. We’ll use industrial-style cleaners to disinfect and deep clean all carpeted surfaces, refreshing and enlivening spots that may have become worn down over the school year.

  • Hard floors. Eliminate a year’s worth of hard-to-remove dirt with our extensive floor cleaning products, including flat mops and color-coded microfiber cloths.


Green Cleaning for Raleigh, NC Schools


We realize that while you want your child’s school to be as clean as possible, you also don’t want them to be exposed to a slew of potentially harmful cleaning solutions. That’s why JAN-PRO endeavours to utilize less chemicals, as well as use products that do not contain butyl.

Take advantage of the summer break and deep clean your school. Call the professional commercial cleaners at JAN-PRO today at 919-460-1777 or visit our contact page to receive an instant quote online.