Raleigh, NC Commercial Cleaning Company Protecting Your Business from the Norovirus

Recently, a new strain of the Norovirus has begun to spread across the Carolinas, according to the North Carolina Health and Human Service Department. Cases have already been confirmed in the Triangle-area. The Centers for Disease Control reports 21 million Americans contract the Norovirus each year, showing flu-like symptoms that can include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The Norovirus, also known as the Norwalk virus, spreads quickly because not all disinfectants kill this strain of virus.

How can you protect your visitors and employees against the spread of this dangerous virus? Turn to Raleigh’s preferred commercial cleaning company: JAN-PRO.

Offering Premier Solutions to Help Your Business Fight Off the Norovirus

At JAN-PRO, we bring the latest in cleaning technology to help clean and disinfect your business. Our Raleigh commercial cleaning company uses both Enviroshield and MedMetrix to achieve this. Enviroshield uses a series of different sprayer models that are designed to help it surround and cling to the surface it touches, killing different types of harmful bacteria and viruses, including the Norovirus. Medmetrix ensures that your medical or healthcare facility meets, and in some cases exceeds, the safe cleaning codes required by the industry regulatory bodies such as OSHA, AORN and CDC.

Whether you own a hospital, office building or other facility, you can rely on JAN-PRO to make sure your commercial property is a safe and clean environment for you, your employees and your visitors. We use only the highest-quality cleaning techniques to protect commercial environments from the Norovirus and other harmful diseases.

Contact our Raleigh commercial cleaning company today to protect those inside your commercial building. We would be happy to give you a free estimate on our cleaning services or answer any questions you may have.