See what one of our customers said about one of our competitors before they switched to Jan-Pro:
“…On my FOURTH call to them, I spoke with the son of the owner, who assured me that the problems would be handled and that he would send the “supervisor” out to clean our office “from now on”. Uh huh. That helped. NOT. As of two days ago, I sent them a termination letter via fax and I mailed the original. Did I get a call to ask why or to try to keep our business? Nope. Shocker. Don’t hire these people. They don’t seem to care about anything except getting the invoice paid. I have now hired a new company – Jan-Pro. They are AWESOME. Call them instead.”

“I like the staff…very friendly and very professional.”
– Global Biotechnology Company

“Dependable, honest, and does a good job.”
– Material Handling Company

“Your staff is friendly, prompt, and do an excellent job.”
– Raleigh HVAC Company

“Mike does a very good job for us.”
– ABC Supply Company

“Our offices are clean every Monday when we come in.”
– Raleigh Plumbing Company

“Excellent service!”
– Homebuilder in Creedmoor

“Great people. Very friendly services!”
– Grocery Store in Raleigh

“Consistently good cleaning.”
– Therapy Practice in Raleigh

“Our offices look great ~ doing a wonderful job! Highly recommend.”
– Residential Builder in Raleigh