Why You Need to Know about Jan-Pro’s EnviroShield

Jan-Pro Raleigh is committed to offering the best cleaning services on the market. That’s why we offer our clients EnviroShield. EnviroShield is a disinfectant engineered clean surfaces and kill bacteria, all while maintaining the highest possible safety rating.EnviroShield kills bacteria on a molecular level, meaning there is no resistance to it, yet it is harmless to people and pets!

Protect your Office from Harmful Bacteria


EnviroShield Harmless to people and pets

EnviroShield uses SNiPER® as it’s deodorizing agent and disinfectant. SNiPER has been called “The Ideal Biocide” thanks to it’s safe and efficient way of disposing of bacteria on a molecular level. EnviroShield with SNiPER has proven effective on a variety of bacteria, including:


  • NoroVirus
  • H1N1
  • Swine Flu
  • H9N2
  • Avian Flu
  • MRSA
  • and many others


An investment in EnviroShield is not only an investment in cleanliness… it’s an investment in the safety of your employees!


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Jan-Pro Raleigh is proud to be one of the most trusted cleaning franchises in the triangle area. Check out some of our amazing testimonials to see what we’ve done for businesses around the triangle, or learn more about how we can use EnviroShield to clean your office and help protect against deadly bacteria!