Why Go With a Jan-Pro Franchise?

When selecting a cleaning company for your facility, there are several kinds of cleaning companies in Raleigh and beyond to choose from — at the surface, they may all appear to offer basically the same services. However, there are differences between each that can affect the level and quality of service they provide. While each cleaning company has its benefits, Jan-Pro franchises offer the same benefits without any of the drawbacks.

When Working with an Hourly-Based Mega Cleaning Company …


Benefits: Their services are easy to manage for their customers, and it’s easy to find a replacement if a worker is sick or is unable to work that night.


Drawback: There’s no personal touch or relationship built between the businesses. Also, one owner manages potentially thousands of accounts.


With Jan-Pro: Jan-Pro operates like a small business, building relationships with its customers and other businesses. Jan-Pro also offers a community between other Jan-Pro Franchisees, so if you’re short a worker, you can call on other locations.

When Working with a Mom-and-Pop Cleaning Company …


Benefit: With a business this small, you’re sure to know the owners by name and have personalized service.


Drawback: Small businesses often lack high-level training and the quality of products necessary for cleaning a large facility. Their products are often the same brands you use at home, rather than the professional-grade cleaning chemicals and equipment needed.


With Jan-Pro: Jan-Pro is a professional cleaning company that equips their staff with six weeks of training and the proper cleaning supplies necessary to clean facilities of any size. Our franchise owners prioritize customer service and make a point to be personal to their customers.

Choose Jan-Pro Franchising for Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas

Franchised cleaning is the best of both worlds, and the cleaning franchises of Jan-Pro of Raleigh are no exception. Our franchises offer strong business-to-customer relationships, staff trained in a classroom setting, high-level equipment and products, a supportive Jan-Pro business community and more — the benefits are endless when working with Jan-Pro. For questions or more information about Jan-Pro’s cleaning franchise systems, contact us today by calling 919-460-1777.