What’s In the Bottle: Why Using Green Cleaning Products & Services Matters

green cleaning in Raleigh, NC


Going green may have gotten a bad rap over the years for simply being trendy, but it makes sense in lots of instances, especially when it comes to cleaning supplies. The next time you’re in a grocery store, take a look at the back of any cleaning product bottle –– do you recognize all of the ingredients? And if not, are you sure it’s anything that you’d want to breathe in?


Whether you intend to or not, ingesting a small amount of airborne cleaning supplies is inevitable, especially if you are nearby while the treatments are being applied. Depending on what’s in the cleaning products themselves, you could also suffer from chemical burns if a spill occurs.


JAN-PRO proudly uses green cleaning products and processes, such as JP Signature Clean®, JP Technics® and JP Tracker® to help keep our process as eco-friendly as possible. Our cleaners also utilize color-coded, reusable microfiber cloths and high-efficiency vacuum cleaners. Our Raleigh, NC vacuums contain a multi-part filtration system that allows them to suck up 99.9% of all errant particles, down to the size of a micron.

Our Raleigh cleaning crews also only use microfiber flat mops for our extensive floor cleaning services. These are more environmentally friendly than traditional mops because they require the use of less water, and make better use of smaller amounts of cleaning products.

Go Green in Raleigh with JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning


If you need a school, office building, church, car dealership or medical office cleaned, you can trust the Raleigh green cleaning services at JAN-PRO. Call our office today at 919-460-1777 or fill out the form on our contact page to receive a free and instant quote for our commercial cleaners today.